Hogswipe® Waterless Detailer... CLEANS, POLISHES & PROTECTS your cherished ride in a single “wet-to-wet” application without a single drop of water! Gentle enough to use Anytime & Anywhere, our... No Alcohol, No Silicone, No Wax Formula effectively works on multiple surfaces, including... Custom Paint, Chrome, Fiberglass, Plastic, Glass, Lexan, Vinyl & More!

Using a special blend of Biodegradable Detergents & Advanced Polymers, it safely breaks down & suspends... Road Dirt, Dust, Grime, Gas Spillage, Water Spots, Bird Droppings, Insect Splatter & More, replacing it with a protective layer of Polymers for a truly unbeatable, deep down shine!!!

Saves Countless Hours of Precious Time & Effort, while helping to conserve our endangered water table & environment!