Hogswipe Auto and Motorcycle Detailing Products
Hogswipe Waterless Detailing Products for Cars, Motorcycles, Planes, Boats and more

"Goin' WATERLESS" is a concept whose time has undoubtedly come! With most folks doin' their best to keep up with their "on the go" lifestyles, our "one-of-a-kind" product line was developed to help save folks the three things we benefit from most ... Time, $$$$ and Effort!!! Lest we ever ferget the significance of doin' our part to help save our environment's precious water table.

Hogswipe Waterless Detailer CLEANS, POLISHES and PROTECTS your cherished ride in minutes ... anytime, anywhere and WITHOUT A SINGLE DROP OF WATER.

When properly combined with the "anti-static", (dust attractive) properties of a good-quality, micro fiber cleaning cloth, our unique blend of biodegradable detergents and advanced polymers kick into high gear, first breaking down and then suspending dirt, dust and grime in just a single wet-to-wet application, replacing it with a wax-free, ammonia-free, alcohol-free, streak-free clean ... not to mention, an unsurpassed, deep-down layer of protection even yer Aunt Betty'd be proud of, a shine so deep it could only be called ... Cl@$$ic!

Along with our Waterless Detailin' Products, Hogswipe has also forged a fun-lovin' reputation for offering folks an array of some of the most Unique Novelty Items and Branding Merchandise to hit the ol' dusty road in a long, long time...

Down here in the hole, we "take pride in our hide" and from our exclusive collection of 100% Cotton, Gildane HG "Tee-Zer" Tee's to HG Patches to our original claim ta fame, "The Hogswipe", ya can always rest @$$ured that yer purchasing top-quality merchandise, the kind of which you won't find anywhere else but in the ... Land O' Hogswipe!!!

Designed to intrigue as well as inspire an audience of all ages, our complete line of HG Novelties are simply fant@$$stic fer gift-givin' and will not doubt ut a "rear-ta-rear" smile on anyone's unsuspectin' face!

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