Hogswipe® Tire-N-Wheel! contains a sophisticated blend of emollients and glossing agents engineered to leave your tires with an unprecedented, long l@$$tin', satin-smooth finish!

Jus' Like All Other Hogswipe® Waterless Detailin' Products, Hogswipe® Tire-N-Wheel! is unique to today's market & formulated using only "top-quality" ingredients by a team of scientists truly dedicated to producin' the highest quality automotive cleanin' solutions with the lowest environmental impact. In an effort to help protect & sustain the environment as well as your tires, Hogswipe® Tire-N-Wheel! does not contain any petroleum solvents, elements proven to ultimately adversely affect the structure of your tires, leaving a faded brown haze rather than dense, rich, black finish.

Hogswipe® Tire-N-Wheel! "How-To..."

Before beginning, you'll need a couple of premium-grade, microfiber cleanin' cloths, folded over once or twice for best results.

  1. Apply an even coating of Hogswipe® Tire-N-Wheel! onto yer tire's surface & let stand fer several seconds.
  2. If desired, spray liberally onto yer rims & wheels as well, as Hogswipe® Tire-N-Wheel!  and easily & effectively removes brake dust and other debris.
  3. Take yer folded microfiber cleanin' cloth & "swipe" once over the rubber tire to leave a... Cl@$$ic, "like-new" matte finish! Note: If the... "Wet-Look" is more ta yer likin', simply spray around each tire and let Hogswipe® Tire-N-Wheel! jus' set- Do not wipe in. It will ultimately dry clear & shiny!
  4. Refold yer towel to the clean side & Repeat steps 2 & 3 until achieving desired effect.

NOTE: If yer Tires Rubber or Rims (wheels) are "excessively" dirty, we always recommend hosin' down any "caked-on" dirt or grime first before hittin' it with product!